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Free or Equal (DVD)
Free or Equal (DVD)
In 1980 economist and Nobel laureate Milton Friedman inspired market reform in the West and revolutions in the East with his celebrated television series ďFree To Choose.Ē

Thirty years later, in this one-hour documentary, the young Swedish writer, analyst and Cato Institute Fellow Johan Norberg travels in Friedmanís footsteps to see what has actually happened in the places Friedmanís ideas helped transform. In location after location Norberg examines the contemporary relevance of Friedmanís ideas in the 2011 world of globalization and financial crisis. Central to his examination are the perennial questions concerning power and prosperity, and the trade-offs between individual liberty and income equality. © 2011 / 1 hr.

This program is available on Amazon Instant Video for purchase and rental.

[HD1262FE-DVD] Price: $14.97