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Free To Choose 1990 (DVD)
Free To Choose 1990 (DVD)
The 1990 update includes introductions by well-known personalities and updated discussion forums that immediately follow each program. Volume 3 contains an entirely new documentary while volumes 1, 2, 4 and 5 remain the same from 1980. (Volume 4 was given a new title)

"Free To Choose 1990 - Vol. 01 The Power of the Market"

Dr. Friedman states, "There is not a single person in the world who can make this pencil." He explains that the creation of even a simple object - like the "lead" pencil - requires the knowledge of many people, lumberjacks, steel manufacturers, miners, etc. These people may not speak the same language, they may not know or like one another, yet the market enables them to combine knowledge and effort to produce wealth. Introduced by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Discussion with David Brooks, Wall Street Journal and James Galbraith, University of Texas. © 1990 / 48 min.

"Free To Choose 1990 - Vol. 02 The Tyranny of Control"

"When anyone complains about unfair competition, consumers beware." Friedman tells us about the writings of Adam Smith who, 200 years ago, warned that businesses always try to sell for the highest price and will try to control the market to do so. But without government help businesses cannot force people to buy their goods. Consumers will always get the lowest possible prices when competition is free and robust. Introduced by George Shultz. Discussion with Michael Walker, Fraser Institute and Steve Cohen, UC Berkeley. © 1990 / 48 min.

"Free To Choose 1990 - Vol. 03 Freedom & Prosperity"

Milton says "Everybody knows what needs to be done. The property that is now in the hands of the state, needs to be gotten into the hands of private people who can use it in accordance with their own interests and values." Eastern Europe has observed the history of free markets in the United States and wants to copy our success. Ironically, we seem unable to turn away from the temptations of socialism despite its long history of bankrupting economies. Introduced by Ronald Reagan. Discussion with Gary Becker, University of Chicago and Sam Bowles, University of Massachusetts at Amherst. © 1990 / 50 min.

"Free To Choose 1990 - Vol. 04 The Failure of Socialism"

"Parental choice, parents choosing the teachers, parents monitoring the schooling," is Friedman's answer to the problem. In almost every case, giving individuals the power to choose, to set their own course, will lead to better results than centrally planned activity. That applies to schooling and every other activity in a modern society. Introduced by David Friedman. Discussion with Gordon Tullock, University of Arizona and Henry Levin, Stanford University. © 1990 / 48 min.

"Free To Choose 1990 - Vol. 05 Created Equal"

"The society that puts equality before freedom will end up with neither. The society that puts freedom before equality will end up with a great measure of both." The desire to have more, to have what those who are better off have, is a powerful emotion. Friedman points out that the most governments can do is provide all citizens with equal opportunity to use their time and abilities as they best see fit, in pursuit of a better life. Introduced by Steve Allen. Discussion with Thomas Sowell, Hoover Institution and Michael Kinsley, New Republic. © 1990 / 49 min.
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