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Winning Ideas Collection Vol. 1 - U.S. History (DVD)
Winning Ideas Collection Vol. 1 - U.S. History (DVD)
The United States of America…land of the free, home of the brave. From the Pilgrims back in 1623, all the way to the contemporary issue of eminent domain battles, Americans have embraced the winning ideas of individual rights and responsibility, the freedom to make their own choices. Or have they? Learn more about several periods in American history in this Winning Ideas Collection.

Yours & Mine – In 1623, the Pilgrims in the Plymouth Colony learned a valuable lesson about what incentives motivate people to work hard…or not so hard. That lesson almost cost their survival.

The Great Depression 2.0 – What caused the Great Depression? Was it capitalism? Greed? The stock market crash? Actually, there was another force at work.

A Volunteer Military or a Draft? – Draft = compulsion. No choice. And for years, that’s how the U.S. military was formed. How does that fit with American ideas about freedom? What happened when the country switched to an all-volunteer military?

Eminent Domain – A man’s home is his castle. But what happens to people when the Supreme Court decides that the eminent domain clause in the Constitution means property can be taken simply on the basis of a “better” use for the community?
[WIC-USH] Price: $7.98