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Idea Channel Discussion DVDs
Through this series of conversations with Austrian economist and political philosopher Friedrich von Hayek, fellow economists and others explore his life and work. [MORE]
Price: $143.95     

Walter Heller, Professor of Economics at the University of Wisconsin and Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize recipient and Professor at the University of Chicago explore the degree to which there is broad agreement among economists regarding theory and why nonetheless there arise significant disagreements on public policy issues. [MORE]
Price: $9.95     

Through this series of 11 conversations with past and present colleagues of George P. Shultz, one of the great public servants in American life since World War II, we learn a great deal about the man, his views, and his perspective on recent history. [MORE]
Price: $98.95     

Recorded in 1977-78, these 15 lectures by Milton Friedman were originally intended to be the core content of what became the Free To Choose television programs. [MORE]
Price: $133.95