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Idea Channel Discussion DVDs
The Federal Reserve typically receives applause for its policies. Economists Dr. James Buchanan and Dr. David Fand suggest that such approval is unwarranted. [MORE]
Price: $9.95     

Dr. Reinhard Selten, Director of the Laboratory for Experimental Economics and Dr. John F. Nash, Jr., Professor of Mathematics at Princeton University discuss Game Theory Applications. [MORE]
Price: $9.95     

Charles Murray, former Peace Corps volunteer and social scientist and author of Losing Ground and The Pursuit of Happiness is appalled by the effects of welfare programs. [MORE]
Price: $9.95     

Prominent Christians, including Pope John Paul II, are frequently critical of the free market system, insisting that it enriches some while oppressing many others. Walter Williams and Karen Vaughn suggest that because one amasses wealth by serving others, capitalism is potentially more "Christian" than the presumably more benevolent socialist systems. [MORE]
Price: $9.95     

Daniel Gressel, Ph.D., Economics (University of Chicago), Milton Friedman, 1976 Nobel laureate in Economics, and Robert Hall Ph.D. Economics (Stanford), discuss what money is and how it has evolved and changed historically. [MORE]
Price: $9.95     

Dr. Walter Williams, John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics and 1986 Nobel Economist Dr. James Buchanan assert that the present U.S. form of government bears little resemblance to the democracy established by its Constitution. [MORE]
Price: $9.95     

This documentary features Nobel economist Milton Friedman and seven young adults discussing our government's potential to act as an agent for social change. [MORE]
Price: $9.95     

Dr. Milton Friedman, 1976 Nobel Laureate in Economics and author of Free To Choose urges alertness to the difference between false and real problems concerning government. [MORE]
Price: $9.95     

What can be done to control health care costs? What is the origin of employer paid health benefits? Can market forces solve the problem? [MORE]
Price: $9.95