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Idea Channel Discussion DVDs
Thomas Gale Moore, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University and Prof. Daniel Klein, Associate Professor, Economics, Santa Clara University. [MORE]
Price: $9.95     

Peter C. Bruce, Director of the Resampling Project at the University of Maryland and Julian L. Simon, Professor of Business Administration at the University of Maryland present the history and ramifications of the new statistics of resampling. [MORE]
Price: $9.95     

Julian Simon foresaw the falling natural resource prices, increased world oil supply, and decline in farmland prices... [MORE]
Price: $9.95     

Keynesian Economics w/Prof. James Tobin, Sterling Professor Emeritus-Economics, Yale University, 1981 Nobel Prize in Economics and Robert Shiller, Stanley B. Resor Professor of Economics, Yale University. [MORE]
Price: $9.95     

Perspectives on Judicial Activism with Judges Robert Bork and Douglas H. Ginsburg. [MORE]
Price: $9.95     

Prof. James Tobin, Sterling Professor Emeritus-Economics, Yale University, 1981 Nobel Prize in Economics and Prof. John Geanakoplos, James Tobin Professor of Economics, Director, Cowles Foundation, Yale University. [MORE]
Price: $9.95     

Dr. Reinhard Selten, Director of the Laboratory for Experimental Economics and Dr. John F. Nash, Jr., Professor of Mathematics at Princeton University discuss Game Theory Applications. [MORE]
Price: $9.95     

The Federal Reserve typically receives applause for its policies. Economists Dr. James Buchanan and Dr. David Fand suggest that such approval is unwarranted. [MORE]
Price: $9.95     

Daniel Gressel, Ph.D., Economics (University of Chicago), Milton Friedman, 1976 Nobel laureate in Economics, and Robert Hall, Ph.D. Economics (Stanford) discuss the effects that world events, such as world wars and depression, have had on the economies of nations such as Germany, and the former Soviet Union. [MORE]
Price: $9.95